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My mission is simple; to make you better at everything you do in life and business. Along with my associate and mentor, Dr. Linda Brown I’ve spent years developing a curriculum and series of training sessions thoughtfully designed to increase happiness and positivity as well as efficiency and productivity in office cultures of all shapes and sizes. With my background in public speaking and stand-up comedy I ensure that relevant and immediately applicable knowledge is presented in an engaging and entertaining way. The lessons you’ll learn through these trainings extend far beyond the office, however, and will help you achieve a quality of life you’ve only dreamt of.

How can I help you today?

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Clint Reese provided his services to the Tarrant County College (TCC) with exceptional expertise. He was met with very positive accolades from the TCC leadership. I would recommend Mr. Reese for any speaking, training, and facilitated conversations around topics of Diversity and Inclusion.


Andrew Duffield 

Diversity Officer, Tarrant County College





For decades, an understanding and application of the needs and values of different personality types has been applied in career planning, onboarding training, professional development, effective teaching at all levels, and relationship enrichment. An appreciation of the diverse values and unique behaviors of each type continues to serve as a basis for a true psychological understanding of others. From self-awareness to empathy for others, this training embraces the variety that is the spice of life.


Participants will:

* Discover the personality spectrum of each team member

* Uncover subconscious motivators

* Learn to appreciate and respect differing personality types

* Better understand behaviors and expectations of others

* Embrace diversity of personalities

* Learn what stresses others and how to build rapport

* Gain heightened cohesiveness and enhanced teamwork



It has been said the quality of our lives is the quality of our communication, yet we are all aware of relationships we are currently in that aren't thriving the way they should because of our failures in communication. This workshop will empower you to increase the quality of your life through perfecting your communication.

Participants will:

* Be able to identify faults in our communication

* Learn conflict resolution/tough conversations*

* Understand the role of emotional intelligence/empathy in communication*

* Increase proficiency in public speaking*

* Comprehend the power of unspoken communication

* Gain heightened skills in persuasive speaking and sales*

*available as half-day standalone courses



From tenured teams who have been together for years to start ups and new hires, a company’s success is in direct proportion to the quality of its internal teamwork. Diversity is key to building a great team but has built-in roadblocks as well. Oftentimes we learn to ‘fake it until you make it’ which can be an effective way to make a habit of a thought or action, but true teamwork takes practice and a deeper understanding of how differences can complement and how similarities can complicate. More than just trust-falls and telling secrets; this workshop will enhance your team’s culture from the inside out.


Participants will:

* Understand the importance and value of diversity on a team

* Learn to manage expectations for and of new member assimilation to the group

* Gain knowledge of efficient and effective decision-making approaches

* And yes… participate in meaningful teambuilding exercises!

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The concept and value of Emotional Intelligence often referred to as EI or EQ has gained recognition and momentum in recent years and for good reason. To truly understand and control our own emotions as well as gain the ability to recognize, empathize, and influence the emotions of others is one of, if not THE most important skills one can possess. Developing this awareness, understanding the processes, and applying the EI skills are invaluable to every successful relationship. The workplace is the focus of this workshop, but the skills learned here reach far beyond the office.

Participants will:

* Understand biological origins of emotions

* Learn about subconscious motivations and their effect on emotions

* Gain the ability to empathize and relate to others in meaningful ways

* Deepen their relationships through sincere and honest communication

* Strengthen their leadership abilities and better understand group dynamics




Matures, Baby Boomers, Millennials, and Gen-Xers…oh my!

The diversity of motivations, work ethics, skills, strengths, weaknesses, and management of all of those things simultaneously can be challenging, to say the least. This training, provided by a Millennial (technically), is for leaders within organizations hoping to gain a better understanding of how to manage the different generations. Employees at every level will benefit from the insights into the psyches of those outside their peer group.

Participants will:

* See the value of generational differences

* Understand the strengths and weaknesses of the 4 generations

* Gain knowledge of different leadership approaches for each generation

* Know how to attract talented and ambitious people of all ages

* Learn ways to foster cohesion among all generations

Generations in the Workplace


With advancements in automation technology and saturation of online business review platforms, customer service models have shifted and customers are feeling the change in small and large ways. Companies that put value and energy in creating a positive customer experience have a competitive advantage unlike any other. This training teaches the back-office fundamentals of effective customer service and empowers employees to make positive and lasting impacts to the customers’ interaction with your business. 

Participants will:

* Identify customer touchpoints and be able to map the customer experience

* Learn how to create an ongoing dialogue with their customers

* Develop customer experience intent statements

* Build customer experience knowledge in all business departments

* Recognize the value in effectively rewarding a customer service job well done

* Create an integrated internal communications plan around customer service 



The success of an organization and it’s employees is derived from its leaders and their abilities to empower, support, teach, empathize, and grow those in their charge. Too often, however, internal promotions are given to those with great success in their current position and very little training is given to make the transition from individual contributor to leader. This practice can lead to diminished output from a staff, micromanagement leading to lowered morale, and a host of other opportunities for improvement. What makes a great leader? What characteristics to certain leaders possess that keep those in their charge loyal, focused, and motivated to perform? This workshop will answer those questions and provide the blueprint to truly successful leadership.

Participants will:

* Understand the differences between managers and leaders

* How to lead the 4 generations in the workplace

* Learn the art of empowering feedback

* Learn how to foster purposefully fun work cultures

* See the value of leading from the middle

* Gain knowledge to aid in identification of emerging leaders

* Understand how to reshape a company culture





Do you remember that one speech you heard that one time at that thing?

Of course you do! The details of the surroundings may be a distant memory but the lasting impact of an empowering and moving speech can stay with you and your organization for years to come. If you want someone to take the time to understand the goals of your organization, someone to thoroughly and expertly craft and deliver a winning keynote speech at your next event that makes your hair stand up and gets you ready to conquer the world, give me a call!


Clint Reese is a father and, like many fathers, he looks at the world around him and wants to make it a better place in every way for his kids, his family, and also for each and every other person out there. With more than a decade of professional customer service, sales, management, recruiting, and training experience, Clint paves the way for dramatic improvements in the culture we create inside our businesses and corporations. The work being done and the way in which it’s done in today’s organizations make an enormous impact on every facet of employee lives. Clint works with employees at all levels to make lives better in both small and large ways by improving the culture and communication within companies and between people.

With a deep understanding of emotional intelligence and insights into personality types and creative, reflective training approaches, Clint has a suite of tools that will empower those willing to challenge their current perspectives and achieve more than they’ve ever dreamed. With sharp wit, discerning observations, and an inclusive approach, Clint offers audiences the opportunity to become active participants in an engaging, entertaining, and educational experience that can actually change their lives.

- More than a decade of customer service, sales, management, and training experience

- Broad industry knowledge: staffing, retail, restaurant, service, marketing, print, and more

- Author, Grapevine: A Visual Journey Through a Beloved Texas Town

- Keynote and award-winning public speaker

- Stand-up comedian: The Improv, Hyena’s, Back Door, and others

- Social media influencer in personal growth and wellness venues

- President and Charter member of Fort Worth’s Panther City


- Founding member of Fort Worth Chamber, Lone Star Professional Alliance




Fort Worth, TX 76008

Tel: 817-938-7822

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